Mars et Avril

Mars et Avril 2

Without enough money, it was all about love and time, said director Martin Villeneuve recently on the TED stage where he talked about how he made a visually stunning sci-fi on a shoestring budget. A Czech-Canadian sci-fi in French might feel like something rather odd. And you’re right, the Montreal-based director’s invitation to his future hometown doesn’t resemble much you’ve seen before. Based on his graphic novels March et Avril is a retro-designed neo noir where music, philosophy, and love is more central than intergalactic warfare.

In light of the first manned expedition to Mars we watch as a love triangle unfolds on earth between an acclaimed musician and his instrument builder as both have fallen for the lovely photographer Avril, and as we all know a little love can change a lot. Just look at the theoretically impossible but practically irresistible March et Avril which in itself is a strong testament to how far you can get with love … and time.

Text: Jakob Åsell

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