Are you tired of horror-classics being rebooted into mediocre gore feasts with murky filters and shaky cam? Good! Because this re-envisioning of William Lustig’s gritty 80′s slasher is something completely different, a different kind of beast.

Maniac had a midnight screening i Cannes, where it stirred up a buzz and walked out a critics’ favourite. Not only for Elija Wood’s performance as a deranged, women-scalping killer, but also because it is shot entirely through his perspective. Wood could not have chosen a more radical departure from his image as a goggle-eyed halfling.

Directed by Franck Kalfoun and written by splat packer Alexandre Aja (an authority within the resurgent splatter genre) Maniac has its roots deep in Dario Argento’s aesthetics. The story is relocated to L.A, the setting is the gallery and art world. Maniac is opera, ballet and a dirty bloodbath set to an amazing soundtrack that will leave no one disappointed.

Joakim Sten

(The screening is co-presented by Wild Bunch)

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