Remember, it’s not about the killing. It’s about family!

Evil Count Draculon is taking over the world with his demon army. A small group of rebels is still standing up to him, but they’re falling, one by one. After a devastating battle, one wounded is saved to a life as a cyborg. With a motley crew he takes the fight in true Mortal Kombat style – complete with weird special effects and the sound perfectly out of sync (and tune).

Manborg is a tribute to old video games and low-budget films, and as such has everything you could wish for. The most ridiculous hero ever? Check. Too long training montages? Check. A demon general who awkwardly tries to woo his prisoner? Check check check. We haven’t laughed this much since, well, since the last time we watched Manborg. Because once just isn’t enough.

This could be the ultimate movie. An orgy of bad quality and taste that really shouldn’t work. So why are we puking rainbows? BECAUSE IT’S AWESOME.

Celeste Sjölin

(The screening is co-presented by Raven Banner)

Förfilm: Blackstory
A brilliant story where love, jealousy, infidelity and drug deals are weaved in an intricate pattern. A bit of evangelical Christian puritanism also manages to squeeze itself into this very entertaining film.
Directed by: Christoph Brunner, Stefan Brunner

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