Man Underground

The truth is here now. Former geologist Willem Koda have seen it all. In his previous work for the U.S. government, something happened. Something that would forever change his life, something that his former employer is extremely careful to keep secret. Willem lives alone with the truth and his fruitless efforts to share the truth, through YouTube videos and lectures.

Eventually he comes to the conclusion that he has to make a film about what happened. A full, honest testimony before it’s too late. Together with his only friend in the world, Todd, the aspiring actress Flossie and a movie camera, he starts to unravel his story. But what comes to the surface turns to go deeper into the darkness than anyone imagined.

Samantha Marine and Michael Borowiec have created an indie gem with genuine warmth and complex characters, filled with both humor and horror marinated drama, sprinkled with scifi in the same lovely spirit as Phasma Ex Machina (2010) and Primer (2004). Is Willem just a paranoid conspiracy theorist or one of the few survivors who actually know how things really are?

Your ticket includes both the screening of Man Underground and Ghost Rockets which starts at 21.00!


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