What do you get if you take part of a skateboard film, a piece of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, a slice of The Warriors and mix it with a scoop of surrealism, a bit of consumer criticism, a tea spoon of Kubrick and a bottle of Wes Anderson?

The answer is, the little wonder that is…Machotaildrop!

In a world where skateboarding is the finest art form and the pros live in baroque castles, young Walter Rhum dreams of the highest honour; to be part of Machotaildrop, the most prestigious skateboard company led by the eccentric boss, The Baron.

Walter’s dream comes true and soon he is groomed by The Baron as the new star of Machotaildrop. However, Walter soon realizes that his dream life is slowly but surely turning into a nightmare as The Baron’s delusions of grandeur accelerate and the lawless skateboard gang The Manwolfes have decided to end The Baron’s empire for good.

It’s not easy to describe  Corey Adams and Alex Craigs film as it is filled with imaginative and utterly absurd scenes and situations and is probably one of the most amazing things I’ve seen in a long time. Do not miss your chance to see this brilliant little film. You don’t even have to be a skateboard buff to appreciate its magic!

Johan Barrander

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