Leah and June are expecting their second child and together with their three-year-old daughter, Lyle, they move into their dream apartment with a hope for a better life. However, with very pregnant Leah, who spends her days at home with Lyle and June, who seems to have no time at all for her family, the two start to drift apart. Leah starts to feel a growing discomfort, she notices that her daughter is talking to someone who is not there and then there is the neighbour, something is seriously wrong with the neighbour…

When the most devastating and unthinkable accident happens, the gap between Leah and her partner becomes bigger than ever. What is June’s motives, exactly? What gruesome things have occurred in the apartment building before and what is WRONG with that neighbour?

Stewert Thorndike gives us, with outstanding camera work, in-depth characters and exceptional acting, especially by Gaby Hoffman’s brilliant performance, one of this year’s most chilling and unique horror films. An innovative lesbian Rosemary’s Baby for the millennia, not a moment too soon.

Afsaneh Larsson

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