Imagine yourself alone, floating around in space in an overwhelming,
bisarre landscape that no-one can truly be prepared
to find themselves in. But one day, without your knowing, the
world underneath you collapses. Your radio connection is
gone and you have no idea of what has happened. You are left
isolated, stranded in a slowly orbiting ship. How long will the
life support systems last? How long will your sanity last?
This year’s most beautiful scifi, produced and scored by
the American superband Angels & Airwaves after a vision
of the importance of human contact and love in an infinite
universe where we are nothing but mayflies. This graceful and
well-made film, which has been compared to Moon and 2001:
A Space Odyssey, was recorded in director Eubank’s backyard,
on a surprisingly low budget. Love, which is his debut film, is
an excellent example of how far you can go if you only have
imagination, ingenuity and, not to forget, love.

Celeste Sjölin

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