Love & Peace

Warning! This film contains music which will cause
extreme humming-along!

Ryoichi wanted to be a punk singer. Instead, he
is forced into the soul-crushing life of a bullied
office-rat. He is in love with Yuko, a like-absentminded
colleague he lack the confidence to speak
to. To calm his loneliness, Ryoichi adopts a turtle
he names Pikadon, which he accidentally and with
great anguish flushes after an incident at work.
Pikadon is found by an old man who makes animals
and toys speak through magic pills. Unfortunately,
Pikadon eats the wrong pill and is given the power
to fulfill Ryoichi’s dreams of rock stardom. With a
catch. When Ryoichi’s ego grows, and it grows a lot,
so does Pikadon.

Kaiju, chewing-gum rock, talking toys and
world-toppling love? Shion Sono! The twisted
genius behind Love Exposure, Why Don’t You Play
in Hell? and Tokyo Tribe has with his six (!) film in
2015 surpassed the national saint of workoholism,
Takashi Miike, as the Japan’s underground deity.
And Love & Peace is his happiest, doubtlessly most
unique and entertaining film.

Joakim Sten

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