Love Eternal

love eternal

Only 26 years old, the recluse Ian has already lost both his parents. He is now completely alone and obsessed with death – the only thing he can really relate to. So he decides to take his own life. But as Ian sits there in a beautiful, snowy forest, ready to gas himself to death, he witnesses a mass suicide. He drops the sleeping pills and for some reason decides to bring one of the corpses, a young woman dressed as an indie popper, home. He sleeps next to her body and then buries her in his garden. For the first time Ian has got a sense of what it means to love, and desperate to experience this feeling again he begins to seek contact with suicidal women in the area.

Love Eternal is based on the Japanese novel Loving The Dead, but the film takes place in Europe. Framed by beautiful cinematography and with a dreamy soundtrack it’s a poetic portrayal of how death is an absolute prerequisite for life.

Text: Oscar Lundell

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