It is easy to make the argument that with films such
as Irréversible and Enter the Void, Gaspar Noé is
the enfant terrible, par excellence of the 2000’s.
His personal appearance, which resembles Anton
LaVey channeling a 70’s porn star, does nothing to
hide his cinematic intentions. So it should come as
a surprise to no one that Noé’s first feature in six
years made the audience at the premiere in Cannes
lose their proverbial shit, and had fights breaking
out during its midnight screening.

With Love, it is not frantic, graphic violence Noé
subjects the audience to. It is frantic, graphic sex. It
is also his most personal, honest film. A shameless,
drug fueled sexual odyssey and love triangle
about the longing for genuine closeness and inner
peace, told backwards and scored to an eclectic
soundtrack pumping Bach to John Carpenter. As
in his previous films, Noé’s continuously moving
camera always finds new angles and… innovative
places… to shoot from. In 3D, mind you.

And as if it needs a disclaimer, take note, this film
contains extremely explicit sexual content.

Joakim Sten

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