Liza, the Fox Fairy

In this story we meet Liza, a nurse with a affinity
for Japanese culture and pop music from the 60’s.
After having spent most of her adult life with only a
widow in need of care and the ghost of a Japanese
pop star for company Liza gets a new goal in life.
She wants to find a partner. A goal that seems
difficult enough to attain under ordinary circumstances,
but is nearly impossible when you seem
to be cursed to cause all potential companions to
die a horrible death. This begs the question: when
do you give up on finding love? Is it when you’re in
danger of killing off the entire male population of a
small town?

Károly Ujj Mészáros has given us a black comedy
with the aesthetic and characters reminiscent of
Amélie. With its swinging soundtrack and quirky
death scenes Liza, the Fox Fairy will leave you with
a smile on your face.

Kajsa Albertsdottir

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