Lilith’s Awakening

Lucy lives an incredibly uneventful life somewhere in the wilds of sleepy mid America. She spends her working days at her whiny father’s gas station and at home she shares an uninspired living with her husband Jonathan who cares more about his boss coming for dinner than the fact that his wife becoming increasingly distracted.

A woman has entered Lucy’s world. Lilith. A shadowy, blood-sucking, creepy but free and beautiful woman who haunts Lucy’s dreams. Or is it in real life? When the extremely unsympathetic Arthur tries to force himself on Lucy, she distracts him by suggesting a rendevouz later the same day. But who is it that meets Arthur? What forces roars within Lucy and what does this haunting woman really want?

Brazilian Monica Demes’ debut film is a unique interpretation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. A stylistic magical arthouse dream so full of atmosphere that David Lynch himself became Demes’ mentor. The dazzling black and white photo, the most evocative mix of creepy nature sounds and Brazilian music ever and brilliant acting performances makes Lilith’s Awakening one of the most interesting horror films of the year.

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