LFO: The Movie

Something as unusual as a  stylish, intelligent, funny and well-made Swedish science fiction movie, made in our own emotionally cool and minimalistically raw way.

A pretty dull and very lonely middle aged man discovers that he can hypnotize and control other people by using a very specific mix of sound frequencies. Burning with scientific fervour, he sets about testing the technique using his new neighbours as unexpecting guinea pigs. It’s not long before he takes it too far, and what starts as some good old fashioned misuse of power soon turns out to have severe consequences beyond their neighbourhood – indeed, for all of humanity.

The regular LIFFF visitor will recognize the themes from last year’s favorite OXV: The Manual. But LFO was recorded in only ten days and has a great soundtrack with lots of fun for both the synth lover and everyone else. The movie has already made its victory march through festivals around the world, and won several awards for “best film”. Now, it’s our turn to be hypnotized by its charms.

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