Last Girl Standing

Time after time we have seen her get away, as the lone brave survivor of the most unthinkable attacks, monsters, psychopaths and misunderstood men in hockey masks. The final girl, she with unforeseen amount of strength, who when push comes to shove is the only one who knows how to fight the enemy. But what happens after the asshat is eliminated and the credits have rolled? How will she ever return to a normal life?

Benjamin R. Moody’s feature film debut centers on Camyrn, the final girl who witnessed her friends being brutally murdered by a mad man in a mask, one by one. She finds herself alone and tormented with survivors-guilt, alone with the trauma and alone with the fear of the killer’s possible return. When Camyrn’s new colleague, Nick, tries to introduce her to his friends, it seems that there could be some sort of light at the end of the tunnel. But will the fear fade and is this fear real or is it Camyrn’s made up paranoia?

Last Girl Standing fills an over-looked hole in the slasher film genre, and brilliantly so. Akasha Villalobos performance as Camyrn is dazzling and even though the plot does not follow the slasher film conventions Last Girl Standing still has everything a slasher should have. And then some.

Afsaneh Larsson

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