Short film package 4

Bio Signal
The static that can be seen on a television screen when there is no broadcast is often called “war of the ants” in Sweden. In this animation we get an alternative interpretation.
Directed by
: Evelien Lohbeck


Alicia dreams of becoming a ballet dancer, and travels to town with her grandmother for an audition. Soon, Alicia will discover that the world isn’t as beautiful as she thinks.
Directed by: Diego Modino


A woman wakes up on a stretcher. The man sitting next to her is a part of her subconscious, a way to deal with the fact that she has died and must now move on to the other side. But she refuses to accept and starts to question this new reality.
Directed by: Michel Goossens


Forbidden Room
A puppet film based on the story of Bluebeard where a man leaves his new wife alone in the house. He’s got one condition: move freely but that room is forbidden.
Directed by: Ricardo Almeida, Emanuel Nevado


Ham Story
A woman is going to buy some meat. She’s really excited. But when she’s really close to find that perfect pink ham, the whole city turns into a rollercoaster. Noses, breasts and cats are jumping in a crazy turbulence when imagination is breaking loose.
Directed by
: Eliška Chytková


An animation with a high tempo and cheerful music in which we meet many different animals. The theme is the line ”hey”. The creator suggests that the film is probably based on a true story in a parallel universe.
Directed by: Scott Coello


Higgs Boson
Carlos uses the particle collisions in CERN to travel back in time and stop Laura from leaving him.
Directed by: Christina G. Molina


Memento Mori
Memento Mori tells, with a dramatic drawing style, some modern dance and Mexican influences, a story of domestic violence where death can be scary but also a consolation.
Directed by: Daniela Wayllace Riguera


Sweet Rabbit
A woman waves goodbye to her husband as he goes to work and not long after she realises something is happening to her. Her ears starts to grow. They have become hairy and pointy. Like a rabbit’s.
Directed by: Camiel Schouwenaar


The Light of the World
We are in a future where some people discover that they can see. When they investigate their surroundings they realize that they not only were able to see before but that someone made them lose this ability. Who? And more
important, why..?
Directed by: Alfonso Garcia, Fernando J. Martinez


The Search for Inspiration Gone
In this silent film a poet awakens in a strange garden in need of inspiration. A god and a goddess are having a bet about whether a helping hand or trials and tribulations inspire the most.
Directed by: Ashley Michael Briggs


Pablo is on his way to a business meeting and is talking on his phone while trying to find his way. When the car’s engine suddenly stops and Pablo looks
for assistance, nothing is as it should be.
Directed by: Macarena Astorga

  • Original title: Various
  • Playing time: 134 mins.
  • Format:
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