Short film package 3

Bad Penny
Two thugs in need of money are walking in a park late one night to find a costumer to do business with, or rather a victim to mug as we non-criminals would put it. They find a mysterious, quiet man who will not be an easy target.
Directed by: Andrei Cretulescu


When couples grow old, it’s all a wait to see who dies first. And sometimes you can hurry it up. Gingerbreads are effective, we’ve heard.
Directed by: Manuel Pureza


Happy B-Day
It’s in the hardest times that people can get close to each other. In this black comedy a man has the worst day ever, and it’s his birthday!
Directed by: Holger Frick


A man is going to be put into hibernation for a long distance journey in space and it’s his wife who was put aside as an astronaut who prepares him. The film shows the different outcomes from small differences in their actions.
Directed by: Jon Mikel Caballero


Man in a Suit
A family is going to a theme park. Or well, not the father in the family, he’s busy as usual. When they arrive at the theme park the mother catches sight of the rabbit. A rabbit she can’t resist.
Directed by: Anna van der Heide


Night Noises
A very short animated film about a man who wants nothing else than to get some sleep. He’s constantly disturbed by new things. Will he ever get his sleep?
Directed by: Matt King


A girl lives in a house with her mother. Everything seems normal, until time seems to stop and the girl hears voices from her doll. The house harbors a secret.
Directed by: Marcus Kryler, Fredrik Åkerström


Rubiks Cube Terror
A guy is trying to hitchhike. But soon something is about to happen. It’s square and colouful and it’s coming straight at him. And it’s in a special mood. Will he be able to escape his colorful surprise?
Directed by: Sander Maran


Seven Heads
Some teenagers are sitting by the campfire and telling the story about the legend of the head chopper knight. What they are not aware of is that this is only the beginning…
Directed by: Lukas Rinker


The House Above
The lady in the house above died a while ago, leaving a house filled with dolls, bags and pretty coats. The perfect place to play house, just don’t disturb the spirits…
Directed by: Marta Parreño


Viande Rouge
A man wakes up to a nightmare: he is tied up and hanging beside some butcher’s tools and another man tells him in a dry manner what will happen and why it’s no use to plea for freedom.
Directed by: Fernando Gónzález


Wake Up
A boy sees how his mother literally changes from a glamorous house wife to a much more plain one and shocked he falls and loses consciousness. When he wakes up again it is the glamorous mother he sees and everything is… Alright?
Directed by
: Fran Mareno

  • Original title: Various
  • Playing time: 134 mins.
  • Format:
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