Shortfilms session 2

The following films make up Shortfilms session 2:

Abuela Grilo: Grandma Crickets songs brings rain to the fields. But one day she lingers too long and the locals chase her away. She instead heads for the city, but falls into the hands of evil businessmen.

Choreomania: A virus takes over Glasgow. The contaminated gets terrible dancing and extremly bad sense of groove. Hector and other survivors try to escape the dancing hoards of zombies to the last refuge.

Clean Carousel: A man works hard to keep his carousel clean for the children. He has to fight nature and is tough when someone makes it dirty. Very tough, and it ends terrible

In The Woods: A couple is out driving at night. The woman think she has forgotten her bag. They stop to check and the man walks into woods to take a leak. It takes an unusual long time for him to come back.

Inflatable Grandma!: Do you get tired of your kids during your vacation? What if you could bring with you a grandmother to take care of them? Or better yet, what if you could bring your very own inflatable grandma

Saduj: His Confession: During a confession tells Saduj of a sin so horrible that the priest throws him out of the church and declares that he is going to Hell. But Saduj has a horrible desire that is too strong for him to ignore.

The Ottoman Empire: What happened to the things that get lost in your sofa? Tibor is a man who knows. During a conversation with a shrink he tells her of the heinous deeds committed by the couches of the world.

Papa Wrestling: A bunch of kids picks on a boy and steals his lunch box. They don’t know that the boy’s dad is a professional wrestler. He heads to the school to take out the bullies for good.

Perfect Planet: If the Universe is infinite there are an infinite amount of worlds. If that so, there must exist a perfect world inhabited by… insects. But everything can’t be perfect even on this perfect planet

Strike: Peter Oldman, retired, equips his home with a surveillance system. He likes to smoke cigar and to take a cognac, but gets in conflict with the system that soon takes matters into its own hands…

The Lumberjack: The Lumberjack and his three little tubby helpers take care of the woods. For each tree they cut down, they plant a new one. But the helpers crave more, and the enterprise ends in disaster.

They Came From Beyond The Sun: A sunny city is shaken by the arrival of an armed alien that runs amok. A conflict of interest arises when an intergalactic robot lands with the same lewd intent.

More information about the films can be found in the catalogue.

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