Short film package 2 contains:

Three characters are strug-gling with the evil within themselves. A widow wants to reunite with her deceased husband, a young ballerina tries to reach her biggest dream and a lonely man starts to have feelings for a girl much too young.
Directed by: Maikel Nijnhuis

Wolf’s Clothing

The wolf in disguise is a well known concept and here it is representated by a man at a
party. He also happens to be the boss of a young woman who might be the lamb in the
story – though perhaps not as helpless.
Directed by: Olga Kalagate

The Blue Train
A loving couple meets a mysterious man who without their knowledge influences their lives in a very thorough way. Who or what is this man who has such an impact on those around him?
Directed by: Stephanie Assimacopoulo


In the world of cardboard boxes humans both live and work with cardboard boxes. But what happens when you break the rules in the world of cardboard boxes? What happens when you think outside the box?
Directed by: Sander Allikmae

The Last Victim

When our hero wakes up, everybody are dead and his family is missing. Heavily armed men wander in the woods. Now it’s time to save his family and find out what happened, even if he might regret it.
Directed by: Ángel Gómez Hernández

Shoot For The Moon

The moon landing, what’s about it, real or fake? From time to time we get films on the subject, and when they are as good as this, of course we have to show it. And it doesn’t only explain the trip but also some nice details.
Directed by: Casandra Macias Gago

Kali, the Little Vampire
All litle Kali wants is to play with the other children, but it’s not easy to be different. He will have to fight his own demons to find his rightful place in this world.
Directed by: Regina Pessoa

Garbage’s Day

Jean has his 65th birthday today but the mood isn’t top-notch. Why should it when you are treated like trash? Another approach to how we treat our elderly.
Directed by: Sophie-Clémentine Dunois


Sandra has been out celebrating her birthday with her friends. She reviews her gifts, happily unaware of what’s coming, and takes a few pictures of herself with the new camera. But the pictures reveal a presence she wasn’t aware of.
Directed by: Ismael Ferrer

No Ballgames

A boy kicks a boll against a wall despite the sign ”No Ball Games”. Suddenly, the ball goes over the wall. It’s not easy getting to the other side, but the boy finds a secret pathway. On the other side of the wall, a forbidden garden waits for boys like him.
Directed by: Richard Pengelley


A little girl goes and knocks on her neighbours’ doors on Halloween, but no one
takes her seriously. In fact they only ignore her. That is something they shouldn’t
have done.
Directed by: Monica Demes

A man and a woman meet at a restaurant. We think it’s an ordinary date, but it will turn out that her taste and appetite is anything but ordinary. Cream plays an important part in this
unusual film.
Directed by: Anna Masníková

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