Short films package 2

Coming of Age

A dystopian image of the future where we meet a boy and a girl. When they get robbed of the girls medicine the boy has to fight to get it back. He wounds up in a situation where he has to grow up fast to survive.

Directed by Ben Goodger

Friends of Flies

A tale about a lonely boy who is in love with a girl. His only friends are flies and he dreams of becoming one himself, and achieve world domination. One day the dream shall come true, but things don’t turn out as well as he thought they would.

Directed by Emil Gustafsson Ryderup


A couple in love, Richard and Rachel, are going to a party. They long for some bed snuggling before the party, but Rachel says “later” and they leave. Outside Rachel is run over and dies. Richard is however unable to accept that there will be no more “laters”.

Directed by Simon Duric

Night of The Devil

A dodgy exorcist comes to help a couple exorcising ghosts and becomes excited over the fact that there are evil spirits in the house for real..

Directed by Wolfgang Böhm, Florian Puchert

Playing With Death

Granddad Eusebio is getting old and his family have long since gotten tired of his incredible stories from his youth. He himself is sick of the boredom in everyday life. One night Death comes to collect him but Eusebio is not going down without a fight.

Directed by Paul Urkijo Alijo

The Headless Lover

Sascha is cheating on her husband with the singer Paulo. As her husband walks in on them she shouts “rape” and beats her lover to death. They bury Paulo in the garden, but it’s just not cool to make a man go to (flower) bed with blue balls, and Paulo is definitely not done

Directed by Kim Lysgaard Andersen

  • Original title: Kortfilmspaket 2
  • Playing time: ca 100 mins.
  • Format: Digital visning
  • Released:
  • Country:
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