Shortfilms session 1

The following shorts make up Shortfims session 1:

BZZZ: Imagine the fun with surveillance cameras, to be able to spy and see what people are doing. Also, imagine if you could give a weak electric charge to the people in front of you on the monitor.

Elk Hair Caddis: Poor frog, all he wanted was to flee his tadpoles, to booze and mope by the river. He couldn’t know his neighbour the bear meant go fly fishing. Disaster is impending, and they seem not to be alone…

Hollow Bulging Gijs: Helia and her parents go on vaction in the woods. There, Helia meets the constantly hungry Gijs whom she tries to be friend. What she doesn’t know is that Gijs hides a tragic past.

HSMEIW: Jack is chased by what has to be the most relentless murderer of all time. It’s not the case that the murderer doesn’t find Jack, on the contrary – meet several times. The “problem” is the weapon.

Hunting Season: A loving couple is running towards each other in the beautiful and peaceful nature. Suddenly the romance is interrupted by the sound of a rifle.

Killing A Dead Man: A man who cleans up after killers gets a surprise one night. The victim is still alive. He’s then forced to finish the job himself, a task that turns out to be harder then he first thought…

One Man and His Dog: A criminal escapes the police in a van, with his pet and the passenger seat full of pictures of Jesus. A UFO crashes. A kind alien eager to spread his message of peace and salvation.

Sunflower: An art loving young man is drawing a picture of a woman from a portrait in MOMA, the museum. Suddenly she tells him to steal her. He follows her wish and a charming love story takes form.

The Guest: A burglar breaks into the house of an old lady to escape the police. But things don’t turn out quite as he expects when the police surrounds the house..

The Happy Life: A cartoonist sits isolated, struggeling to get the pictures correct. He suddenly discovers that the pictures turn blank. What is real in his world? We do se two families with cartoonists…

Through the Night: A couple is in bed. The woman is so troubled in her sleep that it wakes her partner. They discuss dreams she has had earlier. Later at night he is troubled in his sleep. Something is wrong.

Vegeterrible: A woman goes to the market and happens to bring home a rotten aubergine, which quickly becomes a menace to the other vegetables in the refrigerator.

More information about the films can be found in the catalogue.

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