Legend of the mighty soap 02
Short film package 1 contains:

Legend of The Mighty Soap
Ever heard of the goddesses of cleanliness and dirt? This is the fantastic tale of the epic battle between the clean and the dirty. And the legend of the mighty soap. Let the
battle begin!
Directed by: Andrew Bond 

Three actors acquire instructions from a director through falling bricks. They start to follow the instructions and the whole thing takes unexpected turns as the actors get desperate in search of a meaning with the filmmaking.
Directed by: Papet Stephane

Oh Willy…

A fluffy animation. When Willy’s mother dies in a nudist camp his feeling of loss is too great and he runs into the forest. We get to follow his personal struggle
to overcome the grief.
Directed by: Emma De Swaef, Marc James Roels

Rita’s Red Backpack
If you could change the already ocurred, much could be different. It seems as if Ritas backpack has got the feature to repeat certain events over and over again, but with some minor alterations. A real sci-fi-rom-com!
Directed by: Carin Bräck

About A Spoon
If you are unable to convey greetings to your loved ones, you can hire the Wish Man. After delivering a very odd greeting to a recipient – he tells a tale from a villainous time.
Directed by: Lamensch Philippe

Freyja is pregnant and moves into the new house before her husband. At dusk, she starts to wonder whether she really is alone. Something lurks in the shadows of the big empty house.
Directed by: Marsibil Sæmundardóttir

The Changeling

Film version of Selma Lagerlöf ’s story about the changeling. A human child is replaced with a troll child and the humans, with their prejudices, have trouble accepting the replacement. But what about the human child?
Directed by: Maria Steinmetz

Heavy Heads

To be alone in a boring flat is perhaps not that unusual. A man entering the wrong flat
is also not very astonishing. But the relationship with the fly is quite strange, not to say
a bit disturbing.
Directed by: Helena Frank


Have you ever found yourself wondering why the photo-grapher always tries to make you smile? This is the answer. Do you dare trust the person behind the camera?
Directed by: J. Enrique Sanchez


Moxie is a bear with big problems. Ever since his mother died he has been suicidal and we get to see and hear what he does in order to deaden his pain. A quite screwed up and very interesting film.
Directed by: Stephen Irwin

Silent Mind

A nice and very surreal animation about the individual’s relations and the constant media noise we are all exposed to.
Directed by: Alessia Travaglini

Disilussioned Dreams
A beautiful, almost poetic film about a murder, short and intense.
Directed by: Natasha Cosila Luchmun

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