Short film package 1

Betty’s Blues
A young guitarist enters the stage at a bar and plays a song that takes
place in New Orleans. It’s about love, revenge, and racism. The
film features a mix of animation techniques and blues music.
Directed by: Rémi Vandenitte


Paid ”protection” is no pretty thing. This is what Tom experiences while biking to work on the first day after having moved to a new area with his family. He realizes someone has tampered with his expensive bike.
Directed by: Manu Coeman

Blue and Malone

An animation about the little girl Berta who takes help from the two fantasy figures Blue and Malone in order to find out why her big brother has become grumpy and doesn’t want to play with her any longer.
Directed by: Abraham López, Marcos Valín


A photo model is hungry. Yes, she’s actually really really hungry.
After a photo session she walks to her loge to eat her diet yogurt. But something goes really wrong,
Directed by: Moritz Krämer

Fear of Flying
Sometimes it can be hard to be a bird, especially when you have a fear of flying. When all your friends fly south for the winter, what will you do?
Directed by: Conor Finnegan

Once Upon a Time
As in all prinsess fairy tales there is a prince. This one resembles Mario and as in the Nintendo game the princess seems to be in another castle. When he fails to rescue princesses over and over again we start to ask ourselves: Will he ever manage?
Directed by: Pieter de Poortere


A beautiful journey through the mind and memories of a young girl in a metaphorical synesthesia.
Directed by: Natália Andrade

Presence Required
A couple discovers that their house ghost has suddenly left them without previous notice. Now they start a desperate search for a replacement ghost, something that proves to be very difficult these days.
Directed by: María Gordillo

Project K–9

K-9, the most terrifying weapon ever created has killed everyone in the weapon laboratory and is heading to the suburbs. Only the ninja and its HGTTG-Marwininspired robot can stop it now!
Directed by
: Francisco J. Cabrera


The giant snails attack! And as if that wasn’t enough, Joey’s first girlfriend is there with her new, tall, handsome boyfriend. This is the day Joey will fight to save the world, and get his girl back.
Directed by
: Geoffrey Cowper

Alcohol kills, so two men are out in a cabin in the woods to sober up. Instead they drink till they drop, and that’s when the wild beast shows up.
Directed by
: Aki Mäkiaho


The Caste
A man wakes up from a coma into a post-apocalyptic Spain. The economic crisis has turned every business man and politician into something unspeakable. No one with money is safe now.
Directed by: Raul Tejera, Victor Tejera

  • Original title: Various
  • Playing time: 134 mins.
  • Format:
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