Short films package 1

Brutal relax

Mr. Olivares has some anger management problems, and goes on a relaxing vacation by the beach. When bloodthirsty zombies unexpectedly arise from the ocean Olivares anger management problems can come to his advantage.

Directed by: Adrián Cardona, Rafa Dengrá, David Muñoz


All is well in the bird nest until love is tested and fate comes knocking. Love Birds is a humorous love story that reflects the similarities between bird and human life. It’s a celebration of long lasting love.

Directed by: Brian Lye


Mohammed is a well-behaving immigrant with a proper job who does everything to please his family and to be a good guy. He’s not a criminal and doesn’t do anything wrong. And yet one day, everything goes very wrong and he is pulled into a nightmarish dance of life and death.

Directed by: Jasper Masthoff, Gonzalo Fernandez

Stay With Me

A man wants to leave his spouse and accidentally kills her during a quarrel they have. She can’t however accept being dead and asks him to stay until she has settled down with the thought. So they go on living together, and also go on fighting

Directed by: Zoe Berriatúa

St. Christophorus: Roadkill

Young lawstudent Chris suddenly gets tailed by the police while driving through the woods. When he pulls over, the police car hits a young rave girl, upon which
he corrupt police officers do their very best to frame Chris.

Directed by: Gregor Erler


You can order everything over the Internet today, even a smile. But the handling
itself can be somewhat rough, which a boy learn in a painful way when he has his picture taken by the girl who has picked him up.

Directed by: Jacob Chelkowski

  • Original title: Kortfilmspaket 1
  • Playing time: ca 100 mins.
  • Format: Digital visning
  • Released:
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