Knock Knock

Eli Roth, who needs no introduction, gives his
banded “torture porn” a dark, comedic twist and
lets it move home to Los Angeles. This time, his
victims are not tourists, but Keanu Reeves as a
devoted dad and husband and successful architect
who is subjected to what at first seems like a pleasant
kind of home invasion.

When his family goes to the beach over the weekend,
Evan stays at home. During a rainstorm, two young
women knock on his door. Against better judgement,
Evan lets them in as they wait for a taxi.
The women make themselves at home, all the while
taking greater liberties, as if they can smell Evan’s
suppressed midlife-crisis. What follows is an orgy
of double entendre that makes Evan’s controlled
surface crack. But it is more than just seduction the
women have in mind.

Knock Knock is an exuberant fountain of comically
sadistic, physical and moral torture, plus a large
serving of cheery destruction of the good taste of
the creative middle class.

Joakim Sten

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