The Academy Award-winning director of classics such as The Exorcist and The French Connection and a Pulitzer Prize-winning writer are the chefs of this horrible but irresistible little Texas Noir-stew served with the Lone Star State’s own Matthew McConaughey in the title role as a cop who moonlights as a hitman. Chris (Emile Hirsch) hires Joe to kill his mother, to get the insurance and pay off his gambling debts. This genius scheme triggers a Coenesque downward spiral in a film that’s soaked in humour as dark as the Texan oil.

Free from the shackles of the studio system, 76 year-old William Friedkin no longer needs to hold back on the sex and violence that landed Killer Joe the notorious NC-17 rating in the US. So if you want to experience a part of Texas you won’t find in any brochure and at the same time enjoy a killer performance from Mr. McConaughey, for once not reduced to a six-pack, Killer Joe is the perfect film for you.

Jakob Åsell

(The screening is co-presented by Noble Entertainment)

Short film: My Brother’s Keeper
In My Brother’s Keeper (Or How Not to Survive the Apocalypse), Jess has to survive the apocalypse with her dorky brother instead of her medically trained, army officer boyfriend. Her brother doesn’t think it’s so bad. After all, they’ve got snacks.
Directed by: Jen Moss

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