Christmas came early this year! For this year’s closing ceremony, we will have both at short and a feature film. We start with the short film Krampus, by Christof Pils. As tradition dictates two guys in southern Germany visits families and play Saint Nicholas and Krampus. Krampus is the one who, according to legend, punishes those children who have been bad. In this version, the legend has a kernel of truth. However, exactly how things are is not relevant until the end.

But the Christmas madness doesn’t stop here, Reinert Kills Juleblod, will close of this year’s festival. Kill has been working in the art department of Død Snø and is now back with his own film. A serial killer named Nisse has been haunting Norway every Christmas eve, for 13 years, and this year he has set his eyes on the north of Norway. Detective Rasch and Hansen are determined to catch the killer before he strikes again, but with Christmas just around the corner, the two detectives are racing against time. Obviously, a group of friends have decided to spend Christmas in the north of Norway happily unaware of the dangers that lays ahead of them.

We are super excited for the world premiere of Juleblod and seriously what’s not to like about a Santa look-a-like serial killer on a murder spree, in Norway, on Christmas eve?

Text: Maritte Sørensen

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