Joshî zu

What would you do if you were lifted from your life, whatever it is right now, and told you are now part of a five person superhero team destined to fight the evil monsters bent on destroying our planet? Yes, that’s a long question to ponder. Add to that you are recruited based on whatever color your name might suggest. Your name is Rose? Here’s a red suit. You’re now called Red.

Yuichii Fukuda (HK: Forbidden Superhero, Kids Police) returns to the festival with another awkwardly fun comedy! This time he tackles the colorfully costumed superhero team-genre, which in the west is embodied by the many Power Rangers-series and movies, known in Japan as the cult series Super Sentai.

We get to follow five women from different paths of life as they’re suddenly recruited to the superhero team Joshi Zu (which, literally, means “Women”). Sent to defeat the phantom beasts attacking a quarry (but definitely trying to destroy the planet), they find the situation quite questionable. Why are there two blue rangers? And what’s the hourly wage, anyways?

The short film You sign here is screened before the feature.

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