Jean Rollin: The Stray Dreamer

In the year 2008, during the star packed 14th edition of
FFF, one of our biggest dreams came true. We had the great
pleasure of seeing the French cult king of vampire horror, Jean
Rollin, as one of our guests of honour. Shortly thereafter, he
unfortunately joined the league of festival guests who kicked
the bucket after their visits.
The screenings of the director’s atmospheric and beautiful
vampire films were well visited and liked. One could sense
gratitude and a feeling of final triumph in his eyes, and no one
is more pleased than we to be able to grant him this. For as we
shall see in Dupont and Pierre-Kaiser’s up-close and revealing
documentary – stretching all the way from the cradle to the
grave with a hoard of unique and newly discovered material
– life hasn’t always been easy for Rollin. As he said it himself:
“Some people say I’m a genius, others consider me the greatest
moron who ever stepped behind a camera.”

Lars Diurlin

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