Into the Forest

8-year-old Tom and his 11-year-old brother Benjamin have barely met their dad since their parents divorced several years ago. The boys live in France with their mother but now they’re about to spend their summer with their estranged father who has moved to Stockholm. Tom is nervous and reluctant, something that does not feel right and the feeling will not leave him alone. The man who says he is their father behaves strangely and Tom sees terrifying visions. Suddenly, their dad suggests that they go on a hike into the forest…

French director Gilles Marchand’s third feature is a chilling psychological horror thriller with amazingly beautiful photo by Jeanne Lapoirie and magical acting, especially by naturally brilliant Timothy Vom Dorp who plays Tom. The film is a French-Swedish production filmed entirely in Sweden and the deep Dalsland forests makes a supernaturally divine backdrop to the eerie story. Gilles Marchand’s goal was to create a movie told through the eyes of a child – eyes still trying to figure out what is real and not and who have not already decided that they know what is what. A goal that was surpassed by far.

Text: Afsaneh Larsson

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