A bunch of juvenile delinquents are going to spend the
weekend in a remote village in Yorkshire to develop into honest
citizens under the supervision of their caretakers. The villagers
that populate the little inbred society Mortlake are not that
interested in that kind of twaddle, and not really familiar with
the idea of hospitality. When the newly arrived lot start to have
some trouble with a couple of local youths a nightmare out
of the ordinary begins. Despite the, by this time, well-known
horror theme “bloodthirsty inbreed farmers”, director Alex
Chandon offers a lot more oddities than expected.
Inbred is a self-assured reawakening of a banjo horror where
sanguineous humor splatters concurrently with the music
and the village freaks have a strange and special liking for
(besides each other) animals, 3D glasses, wigs, vegetables and
barn shows. As if this wasn’t enough they give us the most
outstanding sing-a-long-hit of the year
Afsaneh Larsson
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  1. Wow, our Swedish cousins really know how to review a film I mean, would any UK reviewer even know what “sanguineous humour” means.

    Thanks Afsaneh, I hope Inbred is as enjoyable to watch as it was to make.


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