I Declare War

I Declare War

If you can be interrogated while you’re ”dead” – are you then really dead?

A bunch of 12 year olds are deeply enganged in the seemingly innocent game ”Capture the Flag”. Brace-faced kid PK Sullivan is the Napoleon of the woods and has won every war he ever fought. But when his enemy Skinner one day kidnaps one of Sullivan’s soldiers and then ”kills” his own general, everything is turned upside-down. The war of wars has started and the line between ”death” and death become increasingly blurred.

I Declare War is a suggestive and painfully realistic film about children’s wild imagination and what happens when primitive forces take over. It brings to mind both old and new classics like Lord of the Flies and The Hunger Games, but also the philosopher Thomas Hobbes’ theories on the human “State of nature”. For a short while you will wish that you were part of the game. But pretty soon that post-war pizza seems quite far away…

Text: Oscar Sundell

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