It is no secret that South Korea produces thrillers of global repute. They are often based on an odd angle, as in I Saw the Devil, or they deal with corruption, as in Memories of Murder. Often terribly beautiful, they are also terrifyingly violent. Howling shows off all these qualities, as well as two of the country’s greatest actors in Song Kang-ho and Lee Na-Yeong, in a uniquely mixed breed, giving of the scent of a future classic.

A single parent cop (Kang-ho) in persuit of a promotion is forced to co-exist with a female rookie (Na-Yeong) in order to solve a case of presumed self-immolation. The investigation reveals that the man has also suffered a large bite. Soon, other deaths occur where the victims show similar lethal bites, as if they have been killed by a large dog, or a wolf. The two cops must fight against their prejudices, corruption and each other in a hunt where they need to ask themselves who the real beast actually is.

Joakim Sten

(The screening is co-presented by CJ Entertainment)

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