Two amorous newlyweds head out to the bride’s family’s vacation home, looking forward to spending their honeymoon there. It’s off-season, and the area is nearly deserted. But what looks like a chance to spend some quality time together quickly turns sour.

At first, everything seems great. But when Paul finds Bea (superbly portrayed by Rose Leslie from Game of Thrones) naked in the woods one night, their beautiful honeymoon turns into a nightmare. Bea won’t talk about it, and soon starts behaving strangely. Paul only knows that something is very wrong. Soon, nothing is stable and Paul’s desperate hunt for the truth draws him deeper into a mystery, the bottom of which is as dark as the stygian night that surrounds them.

Honeymoon is a confident and minimalistic movie that builds an intense, oppressing atmosphere with just a handful of characters and artful restriction, until..

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