Somewhere in the UK’s East Anglia there’s a big spooky tree
that despite its seemingly hollow trunk is said to accommodate
centuries of spine-chilling black magic. Many obsessed cults
and loving couples have committed suicide by hanging themselves
from its knotty branches. Two couples (with a video
camera) come to spend the weekend in the area and soon they
find themselves standing in the deadly shade of the tree. As
they try to solve the mystery they get more and more involved
with it.
Hollow isn’t a regular found footage-horror. It’s at times
dazzlingly beautiful and possesses a psychological depth that
makes the eerie feeling crawl under your skin. Believable relationship
issues mixes with distressing scenes and a strangely
ominous atmosphere. Michael Axelgaard has with his feature
debut made something brand new and hair-raising using a
well-known theme and that with a phenomenal instinctive

Afsaneh Larsson

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