Hobo with a Shotgun

It is not easy to make something that is so tacky that it’s good. But ‘Hobo With a Shotgun’ navigates with great ease in the borderland between bad taste and uncompromising exploitation. While films such as ‘Machete’ tried to make the B-movie accessible to a mainstream audience, this anarchistic opus leaves us under no illusions that it is easy to digest. We have scantily clad women that dance in fountains of blood from torn-off heads, half-severed necks that are crudely pieced together with duct tape, and an entire busload of school children that are burned down with a flame thrower. You have been warned! The plot is as simple as its brilliant title: a bum decides to clean up the dredges of a cold-hearted city with a shotgun. The fact that the bum is played by the 1980s movie icon Rutger Hauer is just another stroke of genius among many others. The film is Grindhouse with a snarling “grrr”, and at the same time a pitch-black mix of exquisite overacting, mad whims and catchy, far-out one-liners. Right up to the last drop of blood, this is one of the most breathtakingly tasteless films you will have seen for a long time. So if you are into this kind of stuff, you should not deny yourself to see one of this year’s absolute must-sees.

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