HK: Forbidden Superhero


Kyosuke Shikijo is a daydreamer who even gets bullied by his own mother (a dominatrix) for being such a wimp. But when danger comes to town, something unexpected happens: his genes get activated, and Kyosuke turns into Hentai Kamen – The Masked Pervert.

With worn panties on his head, fishnet stockings, his tighty whities pulled up over his shoulders Borat-style and posing like Sailor Moon, Hentai Kamen comes to the rescue. With a bunch of dirty tricks in his back pocket (figuratively speaking – it’s oh-so-obvious that there are no pockets in that tight banana hammock he has wedged between those perfect buttocks), he rubs his crotch in the face of evil. For justice, for the pretty girl, and for beautiful perversion!

Based on a cult manga series from the early 90’s, this is basically the only superhero movie you’ll ever need to see, ever.  All other superheroes can go cry in a corner: They are no match for Hentai Kamen’s Golden Ball Attack.

Text: Celeste Sjölin

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