High Kick Angels

Ah, one of those! A film that if it had been a toy, would have been the kind that looks like cheap plastic, but turns out to be made out of sturdy carbon fiber. Pretty funny carbon, at that.

High Kick Angels is a film about a film called High Kick Angels. The members of the high school action movie club, who all idolize Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, decide to make their own action movie. They start recording in what seems to be an abandoned school building, but it doesn’t take long before trouble rears its ugly head.

A love for martial arts movies is evident throughout the entire film, yet it never takes itself too seriously. The fight scenes (and there’s a lot of them) are well choreographed, quirky and well paced. The camera plays an important role in most fight scenes, and the editing isn’t the annoying kind that breaks up the rythm of the fight. The combat is varied, from gang members getting their asses kicked by school girls to great duels of fate. High Kick Angels spares us from too much plot and dialogue, but there’s still room for interesting character development. Also, any conflicts between hero and villain are handled by punches and kicks. And occasionally with a flute. Yes.

The short film Chauvinist pig is screened before the feature.

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