Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse… there’s
Hesher. A living “WTF!??” whose help you would rather be
without. TJ’s mother has died and his dad is deep inside a pill
filled depression. TJ is hitting puberty about as hard as the
school bully is hitting him and in general everything sucks.
Then Hesher shows up, moves in and starts wreaking havoc.
Hesher puts things on fire. Hesher steals cable. Hesher sees the
world as his playground and hardly gives a shit about anything.
And when this personification of chaos has entered your life,
he’s pretty fucking hard to get rid of.
The title role is superbly played by a grungy Joseph Gordon-
Levitt (Third rock from the sun, 10 things I hate about you,
Inception – that’s right! He grew up). Another role is played by
rarely non-glammed Natalie Portman (who also produced the
film), awkward and with 70’s glasses. An actually cool, funny
indie flick about life turned upside down.

Celeste Sjölin

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