Hell Baby

Hell Baby 1

If you’ve ever been curious about the effects of drinking and smoking during pregnancy, Hell Baby will shed some light on the subject. When Jack and Vanessa buys a fixer-upper on the outskirts of New Orleans, the realtor forgets to mention the local nickname for their new home: “The House of Blood.” Pretty soon Vanessa starts acting strange, smoking cigarettes, drinking thinner when they run out of wine and soon moving on to blood. Her poor husband Jack is forced to realize that their firstborn son is in fact, the antichrist.

If the obscure Hungarian fantasy films of the festival program feels a little hard to swallow, and deep down all you really want is to laugh among friends, this is the film for you. Hell Baby is this year’s most playful goofball horror comedy, with the directors themselves appearing as a pair of chain-smoking, strip club-loving Vatican exorcists. This hellishly entertaining hangover movie shows Scary Movie how it’s done and should be able to get the most persistent pro-life activist to reconsider.

Text: Jacob Åsell

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