The Mo Brothers who gave us Macabre and Killers team up with Iko Uwais from The Raid movies in this balls to the walls action fest that once again proves that Indonesia knows where it’s at when it comes to action.

Uwais plays Ishmael, a young man who wakes up with amnesia in a hospital where he is taken care of by Dr. Rika. It’s not long until men from his past shows up, hell bent on making sure he doesn’t get his memory back, and they will stop at nothing to do so, no matter if it’ll take machetes, knives, automatic weapons, hands or feet. Both Ishmael and Rika become embroiled in a spiral of violence with no end. Will he be able to protect the woman who saved his life and solve the knots in his head before it’s too late.

Christmas comes early this year for all action and martial arts lovers, incredible fight scenes and innovative action set pieces mixed with The Mo Brothers characteristic penchant for gore. There are scenes in this film that had even me with my jaw on the floor and when Julie Estelle (Hammer Girl from The Raid 2) shows up it’s time to really lose your shit!

Headshot is simply one of the most entertaining, intense and adrenaline-fueled experiences you will have in a theater this year! Don’t you dare miss it!

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