Hammer of the Gods


It’s surprising that our Scandinavian plundering pragmatists haven’t received a lot of love in cinema. Vikings have the culture, the fashion and the blood thirst that suits sword swinging genre film. Yet, except for a dour History Channel series, they have remained sadly unexploited. Farren Blackburn’s feature debut is set to tackle that oversight with a nihilistic nordic Heart of Darkness set in the shadows of the scenic, brooding Scottish mountains.

During an invasion of England, Steiner, the son of a dying viking king is set to venture into the wilderness to find his older brother, a fearsome warrior who can lead his people to victory over the Saxons. It becomes a journey into darkness, to the place where blood and steel expels all rationality and brings out the most primitive sides of our human nature. Hammer of the Gods exploits the viking myth, blends it with stains of Westerns and Easterns along with uncompromising barbarity.

Text: Joakim Sten

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