You know that feeling when you accidently stumble upon a film and then wondered why no one has never told you about it? Simeon Halligans Habit, is a thrilling film with an original story and solid craft work. He obviously know what he is doing down to the smallest details.

The film revolves around Michael, who divides his time between the job center and the pub. By chance he meets Lee, a young woman who is not afraid to be he self. Lee introduces Michael to her Uncle Ian, and a new job opportunity presents itself working the door at the massage club Cloud 9. Michael is now witness to the bizarre subculture hidden behind the locked doors of the massage club. But the job doesn’t come without consequences and Michael starts getting blood drenched flashbacks and is slowly spun into a twilight world that he not quite understand but is still drawn to. Lee, Ian and the women that works at the massage club, introduces Michael to a world of excitement and a strong sense of family, but his new family has a dark secret and without noticing it, Michael is groomed to take part of their dark secret. Once he learns about their secret his life will never be the same again.

Text: Maritte Sørensen

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