Glenn 3948

In this rather sentimental vision of a not-too-distant future, we meet Jack, played by our favourite hobbit Billy Boyd. Jack is a professional pianist. He is also an alcoholic. As if this combination wasn’t unfortunate enough (you try hitting the right keys at the right time when you’ve had half a bottle of Jameson!), his hand gets broken as a result of a triangle drama. And his hopes and dreams are crushed along with his hand. How will he now be able to become as good a piano player as Glenn Gould? How will he teach his students how to play? How can he win that big scholarship in the competition against his rival, Henry? The answer is Glenn 3948, a robot with the ability to learn (and, indeed, fly). Jack teaches the robot to play for him and it makes excellent progress. But with artificial intelligence comes artificial emotion and Glenn’s mechanical sense of loyalty will soon come to jeopardize the very person it is trying to help. And now for the moral of this tale: Be careful what you wish for. It might just come true…

Celeste Sjölin

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