Ghost Rockets

UFO-evening! In connection with our screening of the delightful Man Underground we offer you a special screening of the highly acclaimed and refreshingly nuanced documentary Ghost Rockets! One of the directors and a member of UFO Sweden will attend the screening.

For several years, the Malmö-based duet Michael Cavanagh and Kerstin Übelacker has been following members from UFO Sweden in their search for the truth. Most often, the unexplained phenomena they get calls, tips and mail about appears to be regular airplanes or some trash flying around.

But there is a mystery that has not yet been resolved. Something that has been gnawing in the back of the head of the organization’s chairman Clas Svahn. The ghost rockets. According to declassified military reports, cigar-shaped, unidentified crafts landed in Swedish lakes in the 1940s. During a hike in the north, a married couple additionally stumbles upon the same sight in the 1990s. Svahn launches an expedition to get to the bottom with the mysterious crafts, once and for all.

Your ticket includes both the screening of Ghost Rockets and Man Underground.

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