German Angst

This is just as the title aludes a dose of german
fucking angst served over three movies in this
anthology film that also brings us the return of the
king of german punk horror. Yes! Nekromantik
director Jörg Buttgereit is back! Along with Andreas
Marschall and Michal Kosakowski he gives us three
hardcore movies that pulls no punches; this is 112
minutes of sex, violence, love and death.

In the first movie, Final Girl we meet a woman and
her guinea pigs in her apartment. Everything is
fine and dandy til she opens the door to the room
next door. In Make A Wish a deaf-mute polish
couple attacked by neo-nazis gets a chance to turn
the tables on their attackers and in Alraune a
fashion photographers sex chatting leads him to a
mysterious club.

This movie is raw, naked, bloody and upsetting in
every way and at times surreal. German Angst is not
for the easily offended, and I truly mean that! But
it’s a movie well worth pushing your limits for, it’s
just that damn good!

Johan Barrander

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