Fresh Meat


With soapy girl school-love, a big fat bad guy in pretty flowery undies, a maori family that’s had ”a wee change of lifestyle”, and plenty of drugs and gore, this deliciously tasteless cannibalistic kiwi comedy is… well, just that: Gut wrenchingly funny.

Rina Crane has just returned home from her boarding school escapades to her maori middle class family. Her mother is a famous TV chef and her father (Temuera Morrison, Once Were Warriors, Star Wars) is a failed writer and academic.

Cut to the Tan gang, who having broken their leader out from a prison transport drive their getaway car into the nearest open garage – which happens to belong to the Crane family. Now, both the Tan gang and Rina soon find that the Cranes’ new dietary regime presents a serious threat to all of them. As Rina gets more and more attracted to Gigi, the aggressive gang-leaderette in pink hotpants, she has to decide whose side she’s on.

Text: Celeste Sjölin

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