The year is 1929 and a group of botanist students go out on a two month expedition in the american wilderness, but when they arrive at their camp they discover that the professor thay were supposed to meet as mysteriously vanished and that their provisions have been destroyed.

The students don’t let the odd circumstances scare them and they decide to continue the research without supervision, putting their faith in their hunting rifles and fishing gear to provide them with food. Their hunt for food turns unsuccessfull as all animals, fish, birds and insects seem to have fled the forest. When they find an abandoned sawmill and ghost town they realise that the reason the animals have fled might be grimmer than they have imagened.

Something dangerous is hiding in the bushes, but is it an animal, a monster or something far more lethal? With several days of walking ahead the expedition turns into a fight for survival, where every breath is vital.

Text: Jacob Habinc

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