Faust 2.0

A Swedish horror anthology consisting of five stories about five individuals who are on different paths in life – a journalist looking for a scoop, a writer waiting for inspiration, a representative of the arms industry on the search for safety, a family man who thinks he’s available and a single girl with a sense for loneliness and revenge. All of them need a push in the right direction, and they get it through an app. Without knowing what they are signing up for, they all agree to the terms and conditions and receive – maybe not the help they need, but rather a pact with dark forces.

This is a modern interpretation of Faust – the story of a young man who makes a deal with the Devil in order to acheive more success than he has already managed to get on his own. Faust 2.0 is an exciting and original film concerning people’s gullibility and will and stress in getting somewhere in life. It turns everyday certainties into questions, and from now on you will think again before agreeing to those terms and conditions.

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