Exit Humanity

We are very proud to be able to bring you the world premiere
of Exit Humanity. The film is set a few years after the Civil war
ravaged America, but the effects of the war still linger on. It’s
a time of hardship, pain, suffering, guilt and as if that wasn’t
enough zombies are added to the mix.
The horrors of this world are told by Edward Young, who after
returning from a hunting trip finds his wife a zombie and his
son gone. We get to follow him on his journey through these
hard and harrowing times as he tries to find reason and hope
in a world gone mad.
The story is told through a mix of live action and animation as
we flip through the pages of Edwards’s journal that he keeps
during his travels. The execution is flawless, and Brian Cox’s
eerie narration perfectly sets the mood. This is a grim tale, but
at its core the film has a big heart and a true belief in friendship,
love and humanity.

Johan Barrander

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