Stunning AnnaLynn McCord (Nip/Tuck) takes on the dark and awkward role of delusional teenager Pauline. An obvious outcast in school due to her extreme facination of blood and gore, Pauline shelters a growing aspiration of a career in medicine and takes refuge in her disturbing visions. Kept on a short leash by her controlling mother, excellently portrayed by former porn star Traci Lords (Cry-Baby, Blade), Pauline sinks ever deeper into her demonic fantasies. There she stitches together a horrific plan to cure her lung sick little sister and prove her worth to her family once and for all.

In his debut feature, director Richard Bates Jr. brings us an excellently unwielded horror story, with a aupporting crew of among others Golden Globe nominated Malcolm McDowell (A Clockwork Orange, Tank Girl) and John Waters (infamous director of Hairspray and Pink Flamingos) – cast that would make any horror fanatic shiver with anticipation.

Malin Svensson

(The screening is co-presented by Njuta Films)

Short film: Light Friday
There are more or less LIFFF-ish films and there are more or less distasteful films. This is a spot on distasteful LIFFF film! A man eats mayo dipped fries in the sofa by the TV. The more aroused he becomes by the tv program the more frenetically he eats.
Directed by: Asier Abio

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